SONON Overview

Compact Design

AiM SONON fits right in your hand and easily in your pocket. At just over 13 ounces, the SONON 300C+, 300L and the NEW 500L are easily made portable, and with the SONON built in Wi-Fi Chip, it becomes its own router and can be used for Point of Care (POC) wherever it is needed.

Our newest addition to the SONON product line is the NEW SONON 500L, which is 1/3 the size smaller than the SONON 300C+ & 300L and 42% less weight, being just over 9.17 oz. (260 grams with Battery). This Next Generation Ultrasound Engine VSETM (Virtual Space Expansion), Point Of Care Clinical Tool is truly a game changer. Expanded from 1-Dimensional beamforming to 2-Dimensional beamforming, VSETM Technology amplifies valid signals, which were previously recognized and removed as noise to create an even more enhanced and sharper image.

Three models to choose from:

True Wireless Connectivity

AiM SONON has no cords or wires, making it easy to maneuver independent of the iOS/Android smart phone or tablet on which scans appear.

Compatible with PACS

By supporting DICOM, SONON is designed to store, manage and even transfer images securely through PACS server.

Sensor Heads

AiM SONON 300L Linear has Multiple Frequencies 5MHz / 7.5MHz / 10MHz with Color Imaging.

AiM SONON 300C+ has a convex array transducer, allowing for a wider field of view during the sonogram.

Three Simple Buttons

The SONONs are very simple but hi-tech probes. The SONON software app is downloaded and opened onto a tablet. After the probe is fired up unsurpassed technology enables the probe to become a router and, after the tablet is connected to the probe via the WiFi of the probe, the tablet becomes the ultrasound monitor. Images can then be transferred in HIPPA-compliant format into a PACS or emailed to other clinicians for consultative diagnostic purposes. Image quality is the same as the traditional ultrasound machines and, at a fraction of the cost, it allows more clinicians to have access to this diagnostic tool.

Mobile App

SONON is a wireless system that uses Wi-Fi to connect with most iOS and Android smart devices. It easily syncs to smartphones and tablets using the SONON or SONONX app., and the lightweight handheld probe provides maximum portability. It allows providers to send scans for remote viewing diagnosis via secure HIPAA Compliant Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE Networks and there is no Cloud required.

Long Battery Endurance

SONON offers one of the longest scanning time within the handheld ultrasound devices. It lasts up to 3 hours of continuous scanning time with 12 hours of standby mode.

The New SONON 500L

The new SONON 500L Linear handheld wireless ultrasound is designed for MSK, Vascular access and Needle guidance. With a range of 6 to 12MHz it is the ideal point of care (POCUS) device for Nurses, PAs, PTs and healthcare practitioners delivering Vascular access, Dialysis, Pain and Biologic therapy injections as well as MSK, Thyroid and DVT diagnosis. As with all Sonon ultrasounds, it comes with Color, PW, M-Mode functions, customizable presets, JPEG and DICOM file formats.

Also included is support for PACs and workflow servers, unlimited application. The SONON products are designed for secure enterprise environments so there is no requirement to store images outside your organization, no annual subscription, no device license limit and you retain full ownership of all your images.

Combined with industry leading support, online training with personal 1 on 1 training via Zoom, the Sonon POCUS Series delivers the best ROI in the handheld wireless ultrasound market.

When you buy Sonon you buy a whole team dedicated to your success in POCUS. Supported by the SononX app, the 500L is available on Apple, Android and Windows platforms.

  • Compact Design
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Compatible with PACS
  • Long Battery Endurance
  • FDA Approved
  • CE Approved