Introducing the AiM SONON Probe

The first truly wireless and portable ultrasound device on the market.

True Wireless Connectivity

The AiM SONON ultrasound probe becomes a router in and of itself.

Any Screen Can Be a Monitor

A tablet becomes the ultrasound monitor when it connects to the Wi-Fi of the SONON probe.

Compact Size

Powerful yet small enough to carry in your pocket.

Limitless Applications

The SONON is The Wave of The Future!

The SONON 500L Transducer

The Next Generation Ultrasound Engine VSE™

The AiM SONON Probe Saves Lives

Please watch this video to see how AiM SONON is saving lives all over the world. In this interview with Tony Clayton, VP, and Co-Founder of Healcerion, USA and partner with AiM Medical, he explains how this device is a game changer in the world of medicine.