Leasing Options

Benefits of Ultrasound Machine Leasing

No matter what medical area of expertise you are in, there are many benefits of ultrasound and portable scanner financing with Direct Capital. Some of the main benefits include:


Running your own medical practice can be hard on the pocket book, regardless of your years of experience in the field. Leasing the machine without financing options allows you to pay smaller monthly payments that go towards an affordable buyout option at the end. We also offer a financing option that allows qualified customers to access up to $50,000 in cash for additional expenses and roll the cost right into one simple monthly payment. This allows you to still be able to afford rent, employee salaries, and any other expected or unexpected payments each month.


Using an ultrasound machine in your office allows you to be more precise in diagnostics. Patients will be able to trust you more when they see that you have the tools necessary to give them a proper diagnosis. With the medical system leasing options that we offer, you can obtain the most high quality machines for your practice, which means more precision for your patients.


At the rate that technology advances these days, it is important that you are able to get the equipment you need, when you need it. Rather than waiting around to be approved or to have a lot of paperwork filed, Direct Capital will respond to your needs as quickly as possible, allowing you to be in operation much more quickly.


When you only have small monthly payments for your equipment, you have the capital that is needed to do other things with your practice. This could include small day-to-day expenses, employee salaries, and more. Additionally, ultrasound device leasing will not be a debt on your financial statement, which helps you remain in good standing with credit companies. This opens up even more opportunities for expansion in the future.