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Safersonic Gel Free Ultrasound Transducer Cover

An innovative ultrasound transducer requires an innovative cover…Safersonic Gel Free Ultrasound Transducer Cover.

The Safersonic Ultrasound Transducer Cover is the only 1-foot long cover currently available. Its unique design eliminates the need for gel under the cover which provides the following benefits:

  • Allows faster room set-up and breakdown since the transducer is not covered in gel.
  • Eliminating the potential for damage to the transducer from the cleaning process
  • Enabling the clinician to perform their ultrasound scans faster as the elimination of gel under the cover eliminates artifacts or the loss of image from gel migration.
  • Reducing supply chain costs as Safersonic product has more units per box than our competitors.
  • AiM Safersonic Single Plus 7.1” x 11.0”  20 g ​with ​sterile gel packet​s 50/unit $380.00 + shipping

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