AiM Vascular Mapping Kit

The Only Solution for Vascular Mapping

Accuracy: Shadow Guide® produces reference lines in the ultrasound image to improve the accuracy of ink/indentation mark delivery.

Ergonomics: Easy one-handed operation for reduction in potential injuries to the sonographers neck, back, and shoulders.

Efficiency: Reduces procedural time needed to perform vascular skin mapping procedures in an already time-constrained lab environment.

Professional Appearance: Eliminates messy, cumbersome and unprofessional looking techniques.

AiM® Vascular Mapping Kit
Ink Delivery System*

  • Modernizes commonly used mapping techniques that utilize felt tipped surgical skin markers or permanent markers.
  • Effectively delivers ink marks through the coupling gel alleviating the issue of the gel clogging the ink tip as experienced with currently used techniques.
  • Professional tool that saves the sonographer time and delivers great results.

AiM® Vascular Mapping Kit
Skin Indentation System*

  • Modernizes commonly used mapping techniques that utilize drinking straws, coffee stirs and retracted ballpoint pens.
  • Ideal for sonographers who currently use a skin indentation mapping technique but desire a more accurate and efficient tool.
  • Effective training tool for sonographers who have limited mapping experience.
  • The mapping tool of choice for patients with challenging anatomy.

AiM Shadow Guide®
The Freehand Needle Guidance Solution

  • Ideal for intra-operative vascular access needle guidance when used in conjunction with a sterile transducer cover.
  • For ultrasound-guided procedures such as venous ablation, foam sclerotherapy, biopsies, central venous catheter placement and nerve blocks.
  • Effective training tool for medical professionals less familiar with ultrasound scanning.
  • For use with a linear transducer and an ultrasound system that allows focal zone adjustments.

* NOTE: Shadow Guides are no longer included with the above kit but are sold in a pack of 20 for $199/pack separately if needed for “The Free Hand Needle Guidance Solution”