Hear what other medical professionals have to say about the SONON product.

I have been working with the 300L SONON now for several months now and I have to say it has been a game changer for me and my practice. It has been easy to incorporate into our evaluations and patients have appreciated us being able to give them better, more objective insight into their injury. Whether it’s grading injury, developing a better prognosis, or simply identifying which structures are involved, the Sonon 300L has been instrumental in stepping up our game in all these areas. I would recommend this product to any musculoskeletal practitioner. The ease of use and convenience can’t be matched. Our therapists and patients are very happy with the product. I Highly recommend.

Lee Welch, PT, DPT, OCS
Co-Owner, The Running PTs and BYoung Physical Therapy

I have used the Healcerion wireless hand-held portable ultrasound probe with my iPad and iPhone and have also taught with it for musculoskeletal ultrasound purposes. This device is revolutionary in its combination of portability, small size, wireless capabilities and affordability. Because of these factors, it can be used in any remote field or office situation. It does not need an immediate power source, since it is battery powered. It is incredibly space efficient, as the entire unit only consists of the actual wireless probe, and whatever tablet or smartphone is available.

It does not need an internet connection to use, as the probe sends images wirelessly thru its own network to the tablet or phone used, both to Apple and Android devices. The affordability and image quality of this device makes this a viable unit for many musculoskeletal purposes, including for both diagnostic and image guidance purposes. I highly suggest anyone interested MSK ultrasound imaging considers this Healcerion unit, to see if it meets your requirements..

Alex Kaliakin, DC, QME, CCSP

Thank you for introducing the Healcerion Wireless Liner Sonon Portable Ultrasound at the OMED l8 medical conference back in October of 20l8. This Wi-Fi handheld ultrasound has changed the way I practice in my office. It has become one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for me and my patients. Dealing with neuromusculoskeletal injuries, this medical device is the closest comparison to the Star Trek’s “tricorder’.

The resolution from this ultrasound is amazing and it is easy to use. It not only saves me by not sending out patients to radiology and have to wait for the result, this device enables me to diagnosis and treat my patients right away. This is a device that every physician should have!

Eric l-Hung Lin, D.O.

The new ultrasound device fits in my pocket and I can take it from room to room. It has amazing clarity whether it is viewed on the phone or iPad. Since it isn’t tethered with any wires, it’s very easy to use and has enabled me to more effectively manage tennis elbow, Achilles and patellar tendon and rotator cuff issues. Patients love this portable ultrasound device. In many ways, using new generation of medical technology is making a big difference in reducing barriers between me and my patients.

Vijay B. Vad, MD (Physiotherapist)